Pulaski, Virginia - A community of opportunity in Virginia's New River Valley

Snow_Plow_(10442280564)Snow removal crews/drivers each are assigned a specific territory. When we receive normal snowfall with moderate accumulation and free of any hazardous mixes of sleet or freezing rain, crews are dispatched simultaneously to their assigned territory. In the event of severe weather of accumulation and precipitation mixes, snow removal routes are prioritized accordingly:


  • Primary roads: (Rt. 11, Rt. 99, E. Main Street, Bob White Blvd., Memorial Drive, Dora Hwy, S. Washington Ave.)



  • Secondary roads: (Randolph Ave., Jefferson Ave., N. Washington Ave, Peppers Ferry Rd., Franklin Ave. Newbern Rd., Northwood Drive, Prospect Ave., Henry Ave., Mt. Olivet Rd., Case Knife Rd., Pleasant Hill Dr., Pierce Ave.)



  • Residential and side streets: Subdivisions (Twin Oaks, Peppers Ferry Meadow, 1st – 16th St. NW, 1st – 8th St. NE, 1st – 6th St. SE, SW and all other side streets



  • All Dead End and single lane streets.
  • The town does not treat graveled areas, private driveways, and most alleys. * AN ALLEY IS TREATED IF IT IS THE ONLY ACCESS TO A RESIDENCE. If a residence has street access, rear alleys are not treated.



  • The only sidewalks treated during snow removal are those fronting town owned buildings/property and alongside bridges. Sidewalks in residential neighborhoods are not treated.
  • Businesses/business owners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their respective businesses.



The Town certainly understands and respects the need of each citizen to travel during inclement weather. The Town of Pulaski wants to ensure that streets are as clear and safe as possible for travel. The following guidelines that will help both citizens and snow removal crews experience a smooth period of inclement weather as possible.

  • Utilize off street parking (where applicable). The Town’s snowplows are 10-12 feett wide and cannot always enter/exit streets with cars parked on either or both sides of the street. Our drivers are instructed that if they approach a street and find on street parking that would restrict their width and ability to maneuver the snowplow, not to enter that street.
  • Snowplows are angled to the right. When engaged in snow removal, a significant amount of accumulation will result in rows of snow being pushed to the right. This often times results in blocking in cars or driveways. The Town apologizes for the inconvenience, but the streets are our priority. When this does happen, we do not return to break this down or to clear driveways.
  • With the above guideline in mind, Public Works advises citizens that it is best not to clear their driveways back into the street. Until the street in cleared completely or on a final route, this will only result in the snow being pushed back into the driveways.
  • Although unfortunate but true, false (medical) emergencies have been reported during snowstorms in anticipation of a particular street receiving immediate attention. If you have an emergency, call 911. If your area has not been treated yet, emergency personnel will notify the Town and Public Works will clear the area and lead emergency response units safely in. True emergencies of any nature should be reported to the appropriate personnel.
  • When pushing a dead end or narrow street that does not have a turnaround area for trucks, the driver has 2 choices. The driver can either pull in and back out, or back out and pull in. If there is no turn around available, the snow is pushed to the end (or the longest safe stretch) of the street. There is no other alternative.
  • Drivers are instructed to use their own judgement when entering into any street with a snow plow unit. If there are evident hazards or safety factors, the driver will not enter that street. Drivers will report this street to Public Works as inaccessible and indicate reasoning. Should a citizen see a truck approach and not enter, if the factors are not evident, they may call into the office and be advised of the reason(s) a particular area was not attempted.
  • Please do not approach the drivers and request additional snow removal or removal on private property. Drivers are assigned specific territories and streets within. Please contact the Public Works Department for review/consideration of additional right-of-way requests.