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Town of Pulaski Code Compliance

How you can be prepared!!


In the coming months Town of Pulaski staff will be canvassing neighborhoods to address compliance issues with the Town Code. Examples of issues can include high grass or weeds, accumulation of trash or garbage, excessive number of inoperable vehicles and structures that might endanger public health or safety. Here are tips to insure your property does not have an existing violation:

  • Grass/weeds are under 12 inches
  • Trash/garbage are stored in metal or plastic containers or dumpsters with tightfitting covers
  • Store wood, lumber, or other items neatly
  • Remove furniture (couches, chairs, appliances) from the property
  • Shield inoperable vehicles from view – either in a garage, building or behind a fence
  • Inoperable vehicles lack a current and valid license plate or lack current and valid inspection sticker
  • Remove, repair or secure buildings, walls and other structures
  • Conduct maintenance work on the outside of a building to prevent deterioration of the building or adjacent buildings

Have more questions? Contact Nichole Hair, Deputy Town Manager at (540) 994-8610 or nhair@pulaskitown.org

  • 8 Apr, 2016
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